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2004 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Annual Homeowners Association Meeting for Covington Square Subdivision on November 1st, 2004.

John Silagy, President, opened the meeting up at 6:20 pm. He took the time to show off the Design Excellent awards for the detention pond. John and his wife Joyce bought cookies and bottled water to celebrate the achievement. John thanked the pond committee members for their hard work during the year.

John then discussed the various pond accomplishments during 2004. They were indicated on the handout.

Next, Shelly Babcock discussed about having a fountain put in the detention pond for esthetic appeal as well as environmental appeal. Shelly had talked to a fountain contractor who came out to look at our pond. As part of the agreement, he would install in the spring as well as store the fountain for the winter. He would clean out the fountain periodically as well as treat any algae that may appear. The only thing the contractor wouldn?t do, is install any electrical work. We would need to get in touch with an electrician. Maintenance for the pond and fountain could be approximately $105.00 per month during the summer. The cost of the fountain would be about $3,000.00 - $6,000.00 depending on the size and style. The board decided to try to limit the cost to about $4,000.00.

Shelly volunteered to get more details during the winter and spring before proceeding.

Larry Ristovski then talked about stocking the detention pond with various types of fish. Most of the fish farms are closed for the winter, so he will explore more in the spring. Larry figured he would need about $500.00 to stock the pond the first year.

Monica Baker, treasurer, went over the expenses for 2004. She also discussed a proposed budget for 2005. A new category, General Maintenance was proposed, so as to take care of any road or sidewalk concerns as well as the asphalt walkway to the school. Anticipated dues, not including the proposed fountain, would be $201.00. With the fountain, the dues would be $229.00 per household. The $229.00 amount was passed by those homeowners in attendance.

John Silagy then proceeded with the nominations for officers and committees. John (397-5574) volunteered to be President for 2005. Yogi Patel (394-0346) volunteered to be Treasurer and Larry Ristovski (398-6666) volunteered to be Secretary. Committee members who volunteered either at the meeting or later are as follows:

Newsletter - Rasa Skeeters, 
Website - Larry Ristovski, 
Trees/ Lawns - Joyce Silagy,
Bylaws - Shelly Babcock, 
Landscape & snow removal - Lori Treder, 
Detention pond & floodplain - Shelly Babcock, Larry Ristovski, Amy Bis, Yogi Patel and Roger Faber 
Architectural - Yogi Patel, Tim Collins
Social - Mike Young, Doug Baker 
Mailbox - Tim Fesko 
Flyer Distribution - Amy Bis, Meg Collins

More volunteers will be sought in early spring to help out.

The meeting was adjorned at 8:30 pm.

John Silagy
President, Covington Square Subdivision

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