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2005 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from our Annual Meeting

Covington Square Subdivision
Homeowners Association Meeting

November 14, 2005


GUEST SPEAKER: Sergeant Scott Hilden

The Sergeant briefed us on the current crime rates and concerns in Canton and the Homeland Security planning and organization. He also provided many useful tips on how to better secure our homes, deter any break-ins and how to better protect sensitive information that might be used for identity theft. Canton has over 300 home invasions last year ? none in our subdivision. Over 52% of home invasions are in the daytime.
Homes security suggestions: 
1) Leave outside lights on
2) Cut down high bushes in front of windows
3) Make sure doors are solid not hollow and have dead bolts
4) Leave radio or tv on if not at home 
5) Seal windows or sliding doors with 3 inch door wall screws
6) Put broom handle or wood in sliding door walls
7) Make sure garage doors are closed for the night
8) Let neighbors know if going on vacation

Identity Theft: 
1) Mail theft is the number 1 source of identity theft ? up from 1 or 2 per month to 6 or 7 per day. Don?t put outgoing mail in mailbox and don?t raise the red flag. Take all mail to the post office or an official mail drop box. 
2) Check the three credit report agencies once a year.

Homeland Security: Canton and three other communities have remained independent from Wayne County. Canton has purchased bio-hazard suits and generators to keep all Police Departments and Fire Departments up and running in case of emergency.


The President presented many of the boards previous year accomplishments:

� Continuous updating of the web site (www.covingtonsquare.org)
� 100% of homeowners dues collected 
� One meeting held with all committee members in October 
� One building permit reviewed &approved 
� Replaced evergreens in common areas 
� Additional Christmas decorations to be placed at the subdivision entrances 
� 45 mailboxes repaired 
� Repair to asphalt at bridge &asphalt ramp constructed 
� Cement repairs made at Trent Dr. &Lilley Rd. intersection 
� Cement repairs made to seven sidewalk slabs leading to bridge 
� Cement repairs made to five handicap sidewalks on Dundee Dr. 
� Four welcome baskets handed out to new homeowners 
� Summer picnic held 
� Subdivision garage sale 
� Truesdale outlet cleaned 
� Wildflowers, grass seed, and 2 1 flowering shrubs planted at west end of floodplain 
� Maintenance dredging performed on floodplain swale 
� Twenty homeowners responded by planting new trees &trimming trees in front of their homes 
� Aerator placed in detention pond 
� One newsletter and eight flyers sent out 
� Stop signs lowered on Dundee Dr. to be more visible


The Treasurer proposed next years budget plan and discussed each item separately. The 2006 budget was accepted unanimously. The Treasurers budget proposal for 2006 can be obtained upon request.


Newly elected and re-elected officers are:


President - John Silagy

Vice President - Barbara Davis

Treasurer - Tim Collins

Asst. Treasurer - Marie Everitt

Secretary - Larry Ristovski


Landscape/Snow Removal: Lori Treder (flowers, maintenance of shrubs, trees and mulch, sprinkler system) & Joyce Silagy (lawn cutting in the common areas & snow removal contracts)

Social: Mike Young, Doug Baker & Tania Ganguli

Architectural: Doug Baker & Yogi Patel

Communications: Meg Collins & Snehasis Ganguly

Detention Pond: Gino Polidori, Roger Faber, Larry Ristovski, Shelly Babcock & Amy Bis

Trees & Lawn: Larry Ristovski

Sidewalks & Streets: Yogi Patel & John Silagy

Mailboxes: Everyone agreed to have this subbed out

Wood Area Clean up: John Everet

Common area problem by the pond: Tim Skeeters

Website: Larry Ristovski


� Tim Skeeters agreed to talk to the two families neighboring the common area by the ponds east end to see if they would be willing to readjust their sprinklers so that the common area would be watered as well.
� We also got a suggestion for a centralized postal stand. This will be discussed in one of our future meetings.

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