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2006 Meeting Minutes


November 21, 2006

Board members: John Silagy and Larry Ristovski


Guest speaker:

After a brief introduction Fire Marshall Frank Barrett gave a report on the current status and response time of the Canton Fire Dept . Some highlights:

*   Make sure homeowners don't park in the fire lanes. Fire trucks must be able to get through.

*   The closest fire department to our subdivision is at Palmer and Canton Center Rds .

*   Canton has a fully staffed life support system when going on runs.

*   The fire Department can have as many as 6 or 7 runs at one time.

*   Approximately 250 fire inspections are conducted each year.

*   Some common fire hazards at this time of the year.

*   Make sure real trees are given plenty of water, up to a gallon a day.

*   Make sure you use only UL tested lights. Replace older lights for safety purposes even if they appear to still be function. It's better to be safe than sorry.

*   Do not string more lights together than recommended on the manufacturer's instructions.

*   Be very care about burning candles, especially in the glass containers.

*   Beware of turkey fryers. Keep them away from the house; never put any water in the vat of oil, and be extremely careful. Many horrible accidents have occurred with the use of these fryers.

The question was raised about having a bonfire with all of the dead trees in the woods. The Fire Marshall said the Township prohibits burning, except in a 3 ft diameter pit.


Treasurer's report:

Everyone was given a copy of the Treasurer's report for this year and budget proposal for next year. The attendees voted and unanimously accepted next year's budget proposal . Dues will remain at $250.00 per household.


Other Committee reports:

Flowers, Shrubs and Sprinklers: Lori Treder indicated that more bulbs and perennials were planted this year. Everyone was very pleased with the color of the new entrance signs and the area around them.

The board went through the following accomplishments for 2006:

* Continuous updating of the web site

* 100% of dues collected

* Two meetings held with all committee members

* Added three evergreens in common areas, additional sod & topsoil placed

* Shrubs moved at subdivision entrance signs & new flowers planted in common areas

* Subdivision entrance signs repainted

* 10 mailboxes repaired, 30 posts replaced

* Wooden bridge deck stained for the first time in 12 years

* Cement repairs made at Trent Dr near Dundee Dr & on Dundee Dr near Oakland Dr

* Nine welcome baskets handed out to new homeowners

* Summer picnic held

* Subdivision garage sale held

* Eleven homeowners removed dead trees and planted new trees between sidewalk & street

* Fountain purchased and will replace the aerator in detention pond next spring

* Sprinklers installed on the easement at the east end of pond

* Streetlight fixed at intersection of Oakland Dr & Lilley Rd

* Monthly maintenance (Apr to Oct of detention pond to control algae build up )

* Dead branches trimmed on various trees at west end flood plain

* Two newsletters and eleven flyers passed out

* Published a revised membership directory of homeowners

It was also discussed about the idea of Canton Township helping out with improving the walkway by the wooded area north of the subdivision. Dave Paul (397-3665) volunteered to look into that.


Election of officers and committee members (please see Board of directors link on the left)


Open discussion:

Everyone was provided a table comparing our annual dues to other subdivisions in Canton .

A homeowner expressed concern about oak trees around the pond being attacked by the ash bore which we'll take a closer look at next spring.

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