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2007 Meeting Minutes


October 8th, 2007

1. A short introduction and review of accomplishments:

*   Received Canton Township 2007 Excellance Award for our detention pond!

*   One board meeting was held and two meetings were with all board and committee members.

*   Added new mulch in common areas.

*   Removed black diamond edging and power edged all common areas.

*   Annuals planted at the two main entrances.

*   Ten mailboxes repaired and eleven posts replaced

*   Treated cattails in pond and surrounding floodplain.

*   Cut down high grasses growing in swale and floodplain.

*   Summer picnic held without rain and with rock-climbing wall!

*   Published annual homeowners directory.

*   Subdivision garage sale held.

*   Two homeowners replaced dead trees in font yard.

*   New 8 ft. fountain installed in pond.

*   New spotlights installed at Trent Dr. entrance sign.

*   Monthly spring and summer maintenance for algae in pond

*   Dead branches trimmed on 10 trees and two dead trees removed from floodplain.

*   Two newsletters and numerous flyers passed out.

*   Asphalt walkaway resurfaced and overgrowth trimmed along walkway on north side of sub.

*   Two welcome baskets passed out.

*   Liens placed against four homeowners for failure to pay the 2007 dues.

*   Christmas lights hung at both entrances.

*   Lawn and snow contract completed within budget.

*   Learned that the woods on the North side are officially protected forested wetlands.

*   Architectural committee approved one home renovation.

2. Guest Speaker Kathy Rich, Canton Township Emergency Management Planner, spoke about the emergency procedures in case of a storm, tornado, flood and other environmental catastrophes and answered some questions. She also indicated that even though Wayne County has an Emergency Management Plan, Canton has a plan to complement Wayne County?s. Emergency information will be broadcasted on WJR radio am and on the Canton television network. Kathy provided many handouts and suggested keeping extra medications, water, glasses, toilet paper, first aid equipment and extra cash on hand.

3. Treasurer's report: A flyer was given out to all attendees with the 2007 budget report and the newly voted 2008 budget proposal. The 2008 annual dues will be $250 again. It was noted that the balance of the asphalt walkway expense will be paid in 2008. Also, the balance of sidewalk repairs ( the crosswalk areas) and road repairs started in 2005 will be completed in 2008.

4. Other committee reports: Concise reports from the landscaping, snow removal, social and other committees.

5. Election of officers:

President  * Shrikant Krishnaraj volunteered to be the new president of the board for 2008 which was accepted by the board and attendees.

Vice-President  * Marie Everitt remains in this position

Treasurer  * Dave Paul volunteered to be the new treasurer. Accepted.

Secretary  * Larry Ristovski remains in this position


6. Election of committee members:

Architectural committee  * Don Treder, Yogi Patel, George Hudgens

Detention pond  * John Silagy, Judie Hudgens, Larry Ristovski, Roger Faber

Flowers and shrubs  * Lori Treder

Sprinklers  * Don Treder

Snow removal & Lawn maintenance  * Joyce Silagy

Social committee  * Tanya & Snehasi Ganguli , Mike Young and Joyce Silagy

Trees and lawn appearance  * John Silagy and George Hudgens

Website  * Larry Ristovski

Neighborhood watch  * Chris Gogola


7. Open Discussion:
- Include description of positions on board and committees for CS residents to become more familiar and volunteer.

- Include reviews and suggestions on the website for recent work done on a house (roof, heating and AC, plumber etc.)

- Marie Everitt and Larry Ristovski accepted a Community Excellence award for our detention pond at a dinner at the Summit on October 4th.

- Dave Paul expressed concern that we not keep dues low for so many years that our subdivision gets run down. There was considerable discussion that for this year we are able to keep dues at $250.00, but may have to be raised in the future. It was a valid concern.

- Marie Everitt discussed concern with bb guns and air guns used by some subdivision children in the woods. This led to a general discussion about use of the woods by our residents and those of other subdivision and activities in general involving children. George Hudgens also expressed concern about subdivision children using bb guns to shoot at the wildlife at the pond.

- Liens were placed against properties for unpaid 2007 dues.

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