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2018 Meeting Minutes

Covington Square HOA
Annual Homeowners’ Meeting
November 7, 2018
7:00 PM

  1. Call to Order
    1. 7:05
    2. By Roy Clodgio, Sr.
  2. 2018 Year in Review - Roy
    1. Fixed proxy vote situation from previous board
    2. New announcement signs - ordered and stored/maintained by Russell
    3. Remedied lack of snow removal contract left by previous board
      1. Discontinued use of Garrett (per push agreement)
      2. Secured Serene for balance of season
      3. Added salting of entrances to contract
      4. Secured common walkway snow removal by Tim Skeeters (resident)
    4. Tree replaced at Trent Dr. entrance by Roger & Russell
    5. Pond fountain repaired by Roger
    6. Managed complaints of by-law infractions including trash can reminder sent out to all homes
    7. Completed mailbox project unfinished by previous board
      1. Mailboxes ordered & shipped late
      2. Set up installation ASAP
      3. Collected all outstanding mailbox assessments
      4. Paid $7440.00 outstanding balance
    8. Reconciliation of finances
      1. Kim was not given any financial information from the previous board
      2. She worked diligently to piece together the information
      3. All back dues and mailbox assessments have been collected
    9. Paid outstanding water bill from previous board & remedied issue
      1. $5324.57
      2. Zone 7 of sprinklers was running continuously
      3. Jason of Neher Perfect repaired issue
    10. Secured Neher Perfect to perform summer landscaping & sprinkler maintenance
      1. $500 in parts and labor to fix sprinklers (including another small repair at blowout this fall)
      2. New water bill for year should be less than $300
    11. Hot tar applied to seal road cracks and on path along woods & to Field Elem.
    12. Summer picnic was a success - thanks to Social Committee
    13. Assessed $2000 by township to replace sidewalk along Lilley over Truesdale Drain (~100 ft)
    14. Contracted clean up of Truesdale Drain along fence
      1. Roy hopes to clear wider berth in future
      2. Would like to clean up all the way down to water next time
  3. Financial Review - Kim
    1. Current Balances
      1. Checking - $10,009.56
      2. Savings - $22,051.46
    2. Five Year Projected Budget
      1. Some dues shortfall that should be absorbed by checking balance
      2. Some estimates aggressive
      3. Inquiry about additional pond expenses - don’t anticipate more?
        1. Not as far back as we can see
  4. 2019 Board Elections
    1. President & VP -
        1. Roger Faber (see provided credentials) & Roy Clodgio, Sr.
        2. Elected unanimously
    2. Secretary
        1. Sara Kruz
        2. Elected unanimously
    3. Treasurer
      1. Kim Kuzniar
      2. Elected unanimously
  5. New Business
    1. Committee Review
      1. Architectural Committee needs 3 per by-laws
        1. Kevin Kuzniar
        2. Mike Young
        3. Tim McIntee
      2. Social Committee
        1. Wanda Sands
        2. Rebecca Staniek
      3. Pond
        1. Roger Faber  
        2. LarryRistovski
      4. Truesdell Drain
        1. Mike & Peggy Krul
        2. Peggy would like more help
      5. Landscape
        1. should get bids for summer and snow -
        2. Roy has gotten 2 bids - but new president should sign
        3. Neher Perfect did great work, Roy endorses
      6. Website
        1. Roy will continue
      7. Neighborhood Watch
        1. Chris
        2. haven’t heard anything from him
    2. Tree Replacement
      1. One house only has 1 sickly tree of 6 left - replaced once, but not since
      2. Ordinance officer tried to address with residents - not cooperative
      3. Ordinance officer can’t really enforce because it’s HOA land
      4. Replacement program no longer exists
      5. Roy has plot plan from original sub plan that outlines tree placement
    3. Sidewalks
      1. 6-7 years ago - sidewalks marked and given notice by township
      2. Piggybacked on township contract
      3. Township told Roy they won’t do it again - said they made a mistake when did it before
      4. Sent by-laws to lawyer (see email)
    4. Signs
      1. look to replace faded signs at Oakland entrance
      2. add to Trent entrance
  6. Resident Comments
    1. Holiday decorations - why don’t we do that anymore?
      1. Roger will buy decorations to put up and store
      2. Looking to be more inclusive than just December - move to seasonal decor?
      3. Create diversity committee? Joyce agrees
    2. Berm maintenance - mulch & debris clean up & weeding
      1. Should be included in landscaping contract?
      2. We can add weeding for $30/man hour
      3. Previously assessed need for additional foliage - hasn’t been done lately, may need to be done soon
      4. Berm is statement of neighborhood, needs to be maintained
    3. Volunteer Day
      1. Look to add again
      2. Landscaping/social committee to organize?
    4. Drain Clean
      1. Annual budget is enough to build up enough to cover drain clean when time comes
      2. Shouldn’t need assessment
    5. Dead trees along drain
      1. Are they our responsibility?
      2. On your property - no permission needed to remove
    6. John & Joyce - board did really well this year
  7. Adjourn - 8:12

In attendance:
Roy Clodgio, Sr. - President
Tim McIntee - Vice President
Larry Ristovski - Vice President
Sara Kruz - Secretary
Kim Kuzniar - Treasurer
Brent Scully
Dan Monette
Val Ristovski
Peggy Krul
John & Joyce Silagy
Mike & Theresa Young
Stacie Ross
Bruce Menke



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